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We at Repairsum do fast phone repair. In most cases, technicians will be able to repair your device in just minutes, we’ll normally get your phone in and out in 45 minutes or less.

About Us

iPhone Service Center

Liquid damage to cracked screens, Repairsum provides high-quality, affordable services for every generation of iPhone


OnePlus Service Center

Oneplus Screen Repair to Motherboard issue, we provide pro service, use Genuine Parts & give upto 6 Months Warranty.


Xiaomi Service Center

The professionals at Repairsum are the most common Xiaomi Mi & Redmi issues, regardless of make and model.


Laptop Service Center

Laptop or Macbook is an important part of your work life. At Repairsum , we prioritize fixing laptop in least time possible.

What Problems Can Repair Sum Fix?

Cracked Screen

Display screen replacement services are both fast and affordable price with doorstep service.

Water Damage

This damage may affect the phone's functionality and could potentially cause long-term damage.

Speaker Not Working

The speaker on my mobile device is not functioning properly and I am unable to hear any sound. I need assistance in resolving this issue.

No Signal

The phone has no signal. This means it is unable to connect to a cellular network for communication.

Broken Buttons

The phone's buttons are not functioning properly or are completely unresponsive, making it difficult or impossible to use the device.

Dead Battery

Dead Battery refers to a battery that has lost its ability to hold a charge and can no longer power a device or vehicle. It typically requires recharging or replacement.

Our Repairs Mean Business.

Broken and slow-performing devices can grind productivity down to a halt for big and small companies. Repairsum can get business booming again.

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We Can Fix It!

The service is capable of repairing various issues that the device may have. The implication is that customers can bring their broken devices to the service and have them repaired. The phrase suggests a level of confidence and competence in the repair service's ability to solve the customer's problem. The service may offer a range of repair options, such as screen replacements, battery replacements, and software updates.

Sell Your Broken Device

We at Repairsum pay top dollar for broken cell phones and tablets. If you’ve decided not to get your device fixed, we’d love to buy it for you.

If you have an emergency service need, simply call our emergency number

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